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We don’t have options at our Pyrmont fitness gym because we make your strength, mobility and weight training by order!

Come to Pyrmont for Your Strength and Mobility Training Gym


~one on one sessions~
We check your body every day because your body works differently every day to make sessions the best. This is not only about training it is about LIFE. We will make your strength, mobility and weight training journey sustainable and consistent.

$120 /45mins weekly,   $150 / 60mins weekly

*access pass fee applied for non Club Lime gym members

–  Includes 

Training Programs in Pyrmont

Posture & movements Analysis 

Q&A Support

Nutrition Advice

Access to our original training app

You can get personalised fitness plans with your training mates!!
You will get the same value with personal training sessions with your training mates up to 4ppl in a session.

You will motivate each other and achieve your goals with your training mates!!

$50~ /45mins / person weekly,  $70~ / 60mins / person weekly

* Depending on the number of people per session

*access pass fee applied for non Club Lime gym members

–  Includes 

Training Programs

Posture & movements Analysis 

Q&A Support

Common Plans


Overall Strength Training

For people who want to be stronger or start feeling weaker. This is for you if you feel weaker as getting older.

Posture Correction

If you have a bad posture and want to fix it then this is for you. Lets fix it before you get injuries!

Office Worker

If you work at the desk for a long time then this is for you. You would have stiff muscles and deactivated muscles.

General Health

If you don’t have particular issue but want to improve fitness, then this is for you. We will find your unknown issue and fix it before it becomes a problem

Weight Training Programs Strength, Mobility, and Posture – What is our PREHAB methods??


“PREHAB” is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury in daily life and improve daily activities and feel stronger outside of our Pyrmont gym.  Focus on the 3 factors below!!


Strength training program is very important to be able to live healthily throughout life because as you getting older, your strength is getting weaker and you might end up sitting all day which makes you more inactive and lose more strength then your quality of life will be too low.


Mobility training program is also very important because even if you are strong, you have to know how to use the strength and need to be able to move well. Especially, when you get older, your response speed, balance, skilfulness and etc aren’t as good as when you are younger


Better posture makes you less tired during the day. Better posture also prevents injuries. Bad posture compensates for some of the weak muscles by using preferred muscles and positions of the body. It makes inactive muscles even more inactive and accumulates damage on the preferred muscles.

Personalised Plans

Posture Analysis

Movements Analysis

Diet Advice

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