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Live a Life without a Doctor!!

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Live a Life without a Doctor

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Your search for personal trainers in Pyrmont who will help you get in track with your fitness goals ends here. Fitness is not just a goal you reach, it is an ongoing process to help you live your best life no matter which stage of life you are currently in.

At Exercise Education Lab Personal Training, we are not just another Personal Training or fitness gym offering classes. Unlike trainers at other gyms, we offer personal training services to suit you. This means whether you are injured , a busy professional or already retired, you can find the best personal and fitness training and you need here with us.

Discover the difference we can make for your health, strength and posture here in Pyrmont.


Live a Life without a Doctor.


“Prevention is better than cure” It’s called PREHAB.


Everyone has different body and goals. We find out best personalised ways for every individuals.


To help people to find out the best ways to achieve their goals and prevent injuries and illnesses for the rest of their lives.

Why Choose Our Pyrmont Fitness Training Programs?

Because of PREHAB Methods!!

Analyzing – Mobilizing – Strengthening

Why Choose Our Pyrmont Fitness Training Programs?

Because of PREHAB Methods!!

Analyzing – Mobilizing – Strengthening

Our personal training services are centred around helping you achieve your body’s potential. Make the switch from personal trainers to preventative rehabilitation. Instead of keeping your body in a passive state, you should consider taking proactive classes to help you continue living your current lifestyle.

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Whether it is for a sports you love playing, an old injury that acts up every now and then, or just to keep your body in top condition, our personal training programs can help. Unlike gyms or fitness classes, to help all our clients build strength we ensure they are educated about their own bodies before planning highly customised fitness training programs for them.

Check out some of the personal training programs we provide here in Exercise Education Lab located at Pyrmont.

Personalised Tr Plans

Stronger during the Day

Prevent Injuries

Better Posture for Work

Pain Free Life

Smooth Joints moves

Better Balance

Better Body Control

Best Reviewed PT SHUN

Best Reviewed


Academic Background

Master degree of physical education (sports medicine)
Bachelor Degree of Biomedical Engineering
Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness


I have been training/coaching people from 5years old to over 65 years old.

My specialties are strength training and motor skills training (skill & mobility).

Over 10 years in fitness industry
Over 6 years of sports coach
Over 5 years of personal training
Over 2 years of research and teaching assistant
2 years of mental training

Specializing in

・ Prehab

・ Posture correction

・ Mobility & Flexibility

・ Strength training

・ Muscle activation

・ Lifting skills


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What do i need for the session??
water bottle, towel, and passion!!
What will happen if i don't like the session??
You don’t have to do anything. you can just have a free session with us and leave after that. However, we will do our best for you to have the best gym experience ever to make sure that you will achieve your goals and change the rest of your life.
How can I change the appointment??
You can text or call us as soon as you know. We can reschedule the session for you.
How does it work after a free comp session??
If you like our session then we can have a chat about our plans. We recommend you the best plan for you depending on your current conditions and goals.

if you don’t like the session then you can just give us feedback and leave. We can offer you other options you might like.

Get a free PT session

Get a free PT session

Including [Consultation] [Posture check] [Movement check] [Mobility check] [Goal setting] [workout tips]

No obligations or commitment.

100% free complimentary session