Knowledgeable, Conscientious, Professional

I am 64 years old and have exercised all my life. I have been working out in gyms and with personal trainers for over 30 years. I know a good trainer when I see one. Shun is a good trainer.

I have been impressed by his knowledge and how he puts his training programs together. They are interesting and challenging. He has an arsenal of exercises that work specific and different parts of the body. He understands how the body works and more specifically what needs correcting and how to make it work better. He is intuitive and observant. He watches you carefully and makes corrections and adjustments as you work out.

I have already seen a difference and an improvement in my movements and flexibility. I think he has a bit of the smiling assassin in him because he ignores my complaints and just smiles at me. He is a pleasure to have as a trainer.

Sue Durman / Retired

Professional, friendly,  skilled

I have trained now with Shun for a couple of months. At our first session he asserted my posture and created a program that aimed to strengthen my weaknesses and improve my powerlifting technique.

With friendly and professional guidance from Shun I have made a lot of progress and I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Ola Melin /Software developer

Shun is a professional and knowledgable PT. On top of understanding what it takes to achieve my fitness goals, he also works to improve my posture with targeted strengthening exercises. Shun is also very friendly which makes our sessions not only productive but also really enjoyable

Natalie Cheung / Finance

Knowledgeable focussed relatable

Shun is amazing at helping focus and achieve my fitness goal. I feel like I have become stronger and fitter in the time we have been working together.

I highly recommend Shun as a personal trainer his dedication not only to fitness but overall well-being makes it a pleasure to train with him.

Debra Lebreux / Retail

Professional, Knowledgeable, Friendly

From our very first session Shun has helped me develop my mobility and provided excellent guidance on proper lifting form/techniques. He has helped me identify my weaknesses and included exercises that address these in my training program.

He is very professional and friendly – I highly recommend him!

James Gable / Banker

Smart, Positive, Caring

Shun is an amazing personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable, passionate, smart, and caring to us.

He will help us to fix our body or health problems. He made my gym program and taught me how to train correctly. I used to have stiff muscle and migrain. But, eversince I excercise regurlarly I rarely have it now. I do feel stronger and healthier and better posture now.

I personally recommend Shun as your personal trainer. Overall, I believe that I got more than I paid for.😊 “Our health and our body is really precious!” So we should take a good care of it❤

Thank you Shun!!

Elsy Tan / Manger

Can’t recommend Shun more highly. While I’ve trained by myself for some years, Shun is super attentive and provides great guidance during our training sessions. He focuses on correct technique and posture that lets me be stronger and safer in the gym. He also tailors training programs specific to your goals and needs which is exactly what I was after.

Sebastian Tsang / Architect

fantastic personal trainer

Shun is a fantastic personal trainer, not only does he take the time to explain how to do different exercises with in-depth details, he explains how the exercises fit into the broader goals be they strength training, flexibility or mobility.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Shun as a trainer.

Ben / Student

I love Shun’s personal training as he is very knowledgeable and he always try his best to understand my wants, and he is so encouraging as well. I have worked out myself before, but I was not too sure what needs to be done, how much, how many, so it did not work. Now I am confident that I am on the shortest cut to be what I want to be. Thanks, Shun!!

Masashi Kojima